That's the way the view works into your product.

2019, Mar 12

I gently told my caller how to get to me to speak, but he didn't pay attention to it - that's the way the view works into your product. To be honest, he had me on a fork at some point, 3-4 sentences were enough and I would probably buy it. You probably also have such moments when you have a customer on a fork. But if you are a person with a strong interest in your product, instead of in the client - you'll miss the moment and then it will be for late.

Why is it too late?

Because there comes a time when a potential buyer makes a decision: it's not for me - or the opposite of that It is too late to change it. It may be stupid, but in this conversation of mine, in a certain I thought to myself what my subscriber should write to me, I would have bought it but it was too late. When a customer says to himself: it's not for me, there's no turning back and no arguments do not work. I wrote to my would-be salesman twice directly, that we are finishing the subject, because it is not for me. And he kept trying.

It was more and more annoying for me.

Although he was looking for a solution to the problem, he lost the most important sales element: the customer, or me. Because I wasn't wondering about the product anymore, but why ignores me if I write that I am not interested? Every sale has its dynamics. Initiation when the customer is open to purchase and wants to know what There it is.

Imagination when a customer tries to place a product in the context of of your life to see if that's it.