If I were to prove to you now

2020, Jan 01

I will tell you straight away that in this particular experiment, its effectiveness reached 82%..

You can "create" something that does not exist or delete something that is Would it be worth learning this as soon as possible? Yes, you can create any image in your client's head - on example of the benefits of buying from you. And many others. Here is the proof. Unlike different "rules", "secrets" and "secrets" sold by various marketing gurus, this technique has been scientifically tested.

This means that out of 100 people, 32 claimed to have seen something, that wasn't there. Because, under the influence of the experimenter's words, TO appeared in their head. The facts did not matter. Now imagine that you have such an ability. You say or write something and the client is convinced that it is true. How much would your sales increase if customers read your text and were 100% sure of the existence of what you gently suggest? I'm joking about it :) What kind of research was this, the effect of which you can use in yourself? The subjects were shown a recording of a road collision. Everybody saw the same thing - one car hit the other.