How promotions of games for young people work

2020, Aug 01

Thank you, I already bought it. No shit, the game was too simple

A week-long promotional cycle makes it possible for anyone who has bought in Monday still reads e-mails about the same thing. And so on Wednesday I got a message from the first person who bought the whole package of myhc services in the old company

-- I asked: Will you develop what was that lollipop? A quick answer from Veggie:

"I've condensed it into 6 main text elements of sales." Oh, here's the lollipop. A five-year-old does not need much to be happy.

This sentence was created as the first stage of sales - this Not enough, and it did the job for the whole thing. Sometimes it will be like that for you too - one sentence, created on one of the steps, suddenly a group of customers will play in the head and they will have their lollipop. You never know what it will be!