Or maybe it would be possible to convince him that there is no chance

2019, Nov 11

And then the famous metaphor of my mentor was born

"You know, with security, it's not about it was. Bad insurance as there is a hole in the condom. It is supposed to feel pressure, but does not give any protection. Of course, no sensible person will consciously put on a hole in the condom. elastics! But I think you would prefer that someone who knows that this hole there is a warning there for you before something happens? Better before, than after, right? So I'm the kind of person who warns you- the security has a hole and does not give you the right security. The question is whether you want to do something about it or pretend "that you are secured?" You will admit that words can confuse the client's mind, What? :) But wait a minute, how does it feel to lead a tournament team ? Except that it is still a sale? It's easy - before you write a word, check if the client is not "he's already got" something you want to push him. If he has, you won't sell him anything until you convince him He said there's nothing. And then all the claims that your product is "SZY." Faster, cheaper, safer, more efficient, stronger... "But I already have!" Se you can talk to the wall. So you just have to somehow convince him that "no He has" that he only thinks he has, because there is nothing there. It's like with today's coach