There is no trick here, it takes another force to make this resistance overcome.

2017, Mar 11

This is experienced by everyone who has at least a trace of ambition. I replied to the proposal in two words: I will not buy. Why? Of course, this question was asked, and I replied: "For 2 reasons. First, I do not buy it blindly, and after secondly, no one is able to guarantee the drop-in of e-mails to the relevant folders - except for the owner of the gmail type wp etc." And the conversation started to convince me to do it Solutions to the problem of deliverability.

As you guess, it makes no sense in my case. And so the idea with better deliverability fell into place. This is how your ideas that you present to your customers fall. Because either as I do not want to buy blindly, or given by Your way involves some form of effort, unacceptable for the customer. See, you can have a great product that does exactly that, what the customer cares about, even at a good price, but the customer does not he'll buy because he's not stupid... What do you mean, he can achieve his goal and does not want it? Well, yes. Is it possible to do something about it? Well, it can be done, you just have to take the client's point of view and not the seller or the creator. It won't work here: look what a great product I have!