It's worth fighting to the end.

2020, Feb 11

Everyone fights to the end to resist the temptation to play, buy and enjoy the chocolate, so it's stupid to give it up halfway.

And you, how soon do you give up the opportunity?

I used to work in a sports wholesaler and was on duty at the store on Saturdays.

Not many people were coming, but someone had to be there.

From 10 to 17, every time the door to the store opened, I had to get up, leave the back room and serve the customer with a smile.

At 90%, I saw who came just to turn around and buy nothing.

But I had to get up.

And be kindly smiling.

Give this or that, answer a stupid question, though I knew he wouldn't buy.

And last Friday I could do exactly the same thing.

"If they didn't buy at 11:00, they won't buy anything, I don't give a shit..."

But as you know, I don't give a shit about anyone and I sent four messages that day.

As usual, the last one sold the most...

We'll talk about this "last minute" syndrome tomorrow.

Today I want to encourage you not to give up your clients.

As you can see, e-mails can make even the biggest player

Even someone who doesn't want to buy, has no time, lives his life and has thousands of other things on his mind.

You can't give up your customers.

I suggest you write e-mails.

They just have to meet two conditions.

Two will do.

and to help you meet those two conditions, I have a proposal for you this week.

So important that on Friday, at the end of this promotion, you will receive as many as 6 emails from me, so I won't give up on you easily.

This is how I decided to check what happens when I send 6 emails in one day!

The first one will be at 7:00 :)

However, I have a problem here, because there are a lot of people who already have it.

If you are such a person and you already have it, I assume that you are using it?

So I'll have another special proposition for you, which will allow you to enter the next level, so don't worry.

Besides, there are going to be some good entries and my speeches at ESL events this week, it might inspire you to write your own!

So if you already have my approval write me a message and I'll make you a special gift.