A good candidate for the player

2020, Jan 29

One of my players shows why streaminng beats other netlixes on the head, for example :

Today, a candidate came to us for a job interview that I would not expect. She's just sweeping!

And she wants to work for us mainly because she was convinced by the announcement (+shorter way to work). The one you consulted :)

The boss also liked the advertisement because right after the candidate left (who during the interview praised my advertisement) she asked: what is this copywriter with whom you consulted this advertisement? :)

As you can probably see, you have a lot of merit in it :) Of course, most of them probably considered it to be too long and they pounded it.

Like, for example, one recruitment specialist who, using his authority, said that this is not how you write and that you need to change it quickly. He also did not fail to offer his support in this matter.

I would like to warn you that I do not know how to recruit or write job advertisements. This is what specialists are for... :) I only show my image in social media. Effectively.

If I had to point out only one thing in the proper creation of a player's image, which has the greatest impact on effectiveness, I would point out two:

  1. Your knowledge.
  2. your attitude.
  3. your culture.
  4. your skills

Consulting that ad, I suggested that you throw away everything that doesn't interest you and fix it in a simple way on what you care about.

That is to say, throw away all the weird stuff and just say what's important to the player and the viewer.

But don't take the position of begging for an order - here's the employee!

It's important because from every text it's easy to sense who is the supplicant and who has authority.

See how important authority is/

So don't underestimate the power of authority, just learn to build it in a simple and very real way.

These two tips can change any text, even if you don't know the industry (like I do on recruitment).

I always say that simplicity is the strongest form of persuasion.

But not simplicity...

You know how hard it is to get through all this information noise today?