My IEM in Katowice 2019

2019, Sep 10

One of my holiday dreams was to visit IEM 2019 in Katowice

I was at the largest Esport event in 2019 with a larger group of friends and everyone was thinking about it. But I was the only one who did it. I was the only one who met the person that everyone was delighted with.

4 hours by a quick catamaran in one and four hours back, but it was worth watching such exciting matches in Counter Strike. When I came back in the evening tired but happy, everyone immediately started to ask: and how was the last Astralis match? I was telling the story, showing pictures, I was in the center of attention for an hour. Not bad for introvertism :)

I thought to myself then: what a wonderful beautiful and sexyyyyy cosplayer.

You don't have to ask anybody's attention. You've had it from the first second.

This type of attention will be more and more necessary for us computer geeks.

Because as Pantara used to say: everything changes :)

There is a huge change coming in the way of running the channel on twitch, youtube and twitter. New channels are coming. Esport does not choose.

In short, you will have to focus more on the customer.

Nothing new to me, esport has been my life for 13 years, but there will be a new dimension.

Google describes this trend as such:

Instead of providing answers to your inquiries - play and play again: we'll help you to continue where you left off (...), we'll provide new features in terms of your entertainment experience that will help you to meet the current needs of all kinds of entertainment.

Would you like to prepare yourself for this?

That's good.