You want to play and work and make money in esports but still

2019, Sep 11

Then you descend to the level of amoeba. You don't know whether to play. Or betting on the matches of your favorite game. Or maybe broadcast yourself. Why would someone watch a noob? you don't know. And you panic. Your brain is responsible for this, because it turns on the primitive autopilot in case of uncertainty. And then you act reflexively, according to the simplest scheme.

This is important for the survival of the species, because when something threatens you, there is no time to think, you have to act immediately. And uncertainty is such a threat - you don't know and this is terrible because it takes away your control, you are at the mercy of unknown forces. The autopilot chooses the most "proven" solution.

No matter how good it is. It's important to be sure. (Another thing is that natural selection has already eliminated those with bad solutions.) But it works very badly when writing texts.

You have to turn something on. You don't really know how to use this time... And what are you doing?

You look at how others have done it and you duplicate these schemes, in the stupid belief that if others do it, it must be good. And where did these "others" get their texts from, who wrote them? Oh, you don't know that anymore. And so the patterns of every streamer are thoughtlessly duplicated on or off twitch website new twitch = mixer ?

Yeah, you even turn on the knowledge from primary school, how you should "correctly" write! But what do you know about streaming from esports Riot main center ?? Would you like to start a new chapter in your esports player's life today? Alternatively, try your hand at betting on warcraft. But do I have a prescription to win?

Let's start with the uncertainty situation itself. See that ameba's thinking turns on when you don't know what to write. And what happens when you know it?

Just as you can risk the game, so in life you bet. But the stake is not money. The stakes are yours. What's at stake is everything you have. All your time. Choose wisely.