2020, Nov 01

If you master this, your words can act as a drug.

However, if he does not have the ability to show in words that the client wants what the copywriter describes, has no idea about copywriting. Because copywriting is not writing the correct and interesting sentences. My work is also about exerting influence in words.

It was very, very intense WEEKEND. Mega interesting, fascinating and demanding. Still I was waiting for the time to finally arrive HERE. When finally the THIS MOTHER came, I was already asleep. I decided to lie down for a while, for a short while. an energizing nap, yes 10-12 minutes and then start work. However, I thought I would optimize the case beforehand and enter to the training website. I'm in. Then I thought I would play the first recording, and even if I have a forebirth, I'll have some pre-tracking and it will be easier to come back here after waking up. I clicked play and lay down on the 3 m away from the monitor. couch.