Then he inundates his brain and does various strange things...

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Words influence how the customer perceives the product, the brand i... yourself! But they can do something more important. Well, words can act as a drug. And how does a drug work? It releases dopamine in the brain, that's the secret of pleasure. Dopamine is called the hormone of happiness. Delicious food increases the amount of dopamine secreted. by about 50%, alcohol consumption by about 200% and amphetamine even by 1000%!

Not by rational translation, but by the hormone of pleasure - dopamine.

The interesting thing is that it has a motivating effect and is released not as a reward for action, but as an incentive. Such a construction of the brain, that lazy homo sapiens constantly tried new things. Without dopamine we would sit in these mythical caves, no bending their heads, because there are so many dangers around. Dopamine rewards the risk of taking new actions. Do you already feel what I am aiming at? In words, you can make the client reach for Your product or service. Encourage him to take that risk.