I remember using the tips and analysis of one of the users on the forum

2020, Feb 08

I think it will be valuable for you when I show you this way of "fighting" the lowest with good analysis.

One of CSGO's match typing wrote me this:

There wasn't a week when I wouldn't think about how to communicate interestingly with a group of types in this gaming industry...

and I'm still at the starting point.

I know you can do that when you sell types. But it's weak. Everyone just wants to make money without giving anything in return.

I also know that it can be done with luxury products (we used to talk about selling wine).

But I haven't found anyone yet who would be able to do it well with an everyday product (and I'm looking all over the world).

Good, i.e. to write attention-grabbing news that would eventually lead to the sale of these everyday products (in our case, good content about competition in escort).

I feel some kind of blockage in my head, and I know that breaking it up can help me start my adventure with high-level games.

What am I skipping? Any clues?

I've been reading the esports forum recently and checking the analysis and reading something like CS:go tips category

The contestant is dizzy. The player is not able to play on 100% of his skills and additionally the whole organization is in very poor financial condition.

A concrete thing, huh? Is this good prediciton ? Anyway better than most..

That's the kind of thing I like only why there's no more. And why is it so hard to find real experts and professionals? Where to put some content when questions are so tightly wrapped around the H2h statistics of individual teams ?

You have to create your own rules, your own rights.

You have to use the Hero's Rights and establish your own policies.

I teach this on my site. I teach it in my own organization. And you can have it all for free - a little bit more about it.

And now see how I've created topics from marching without knowing the subject from these tight queries:

  1. Price (they want the cheapest possible):
  • when cheaper means more expensive,
  • the most profitable kind of esports event,
  • new types of streaming, which allow you to lower your reach where other media are far behind,
  • what the real e-gracz profession looks like and what makes sponsors buy it, which translates into high margins and not just T-shirt advertising
  • when the game spoils the others
  • new forms of playing
  • what is the future of the world of e-sport?
  • Why doesn't anyone like to play for someone ? All to themselves ?