I have to write it down

2020, Mar 01

I have to write it down or I'll be blown away.

Every now and then I get messages on my phone, on my twitch channel and on emails like this:

I play and train according to your instructions and every time I get bloodshed. Because I'm not going as fast as I used to.

I'm a philologist. I graduated in Germanic philology and then in applied linguistics. I've gotta play, not write, even though I have it in my blood. I spit out texts like other words.

So what? Nobody moved those upper-legged interludes of mine. Everybody just wants to play.

Play professionally, that's all. Nothing more.

And now, if I'm supposed to do my training in the organization according to your instructions, I'm going to go as if I were a piece of cake.

I'm angry. I'm throwing it in the hell. Then I calm down and go back to improving my coaching workshop.

One player goes through initial training for the first two weeks. I take notes alone for 10 days. It's kind of crazy. I'll never end up with even the worst player the world has ever seen. But that's the point.

I know that science is a process, so I don't want to complain too much, but it's hard and how hard it is. That's what I'm saying in my Academy. Every player, be it CS:GO or LOL, has one most important rule. But you already know what? You know, right?

How many problems do you think a person like you have with streaming like a clod?

You'll probably think of many such problems.

How to start, how to create the best headline of your stream, how much text you want to have, what kind of insertions - hundreds of problems, what. Which game to choose? Why do you do it ??

Well, no.

Such a person has only ONE problem.


Unfortunately, this problem has strong roots.

It's like a weed that keeps growing back.

Until you pull the root out, it'll keep jamming everything around.

And I'm exactly from that. You can be great at everything, but only when nobody's looking. And I'll tell you what the problem is, because I'll show you exactly how hard I've been through.

I recently got an answer that included a sentence:

"...that's exactly what I need to get a knock on the head."

And that's what we sometimes need more than extensive courses and training.

Knock yourself on the head: why am I complicating my professional playing?

Because it's only the man who can and must want to, and not the techniques, tricks, tricks, tutorials. It doesn't even depend on your company or on the Coach, that is me... (joke)

And there's this one weed in the man:

The fact that you are allowed to become a professional proves only one thing - you control everything too much and you don't really control the most important thing.

Sorry, but that's because of the lack of confidence...

It's not a technical problem, it's a mental one.

.. Wait.. I warned you at the beginning. It won't be easy.