How to start playing like a real pro esport gamer?

2017, Sep 11

The autopilot will not turn on and you will create a wonderful world around your computer and your favorite game. Whether it's Starcarft, Warcraft, DOTA or something else.

Any game that will win hearts and empty your wallets on occasion. And they will still be very pleased. Everyone will be pleased. Strange. Everyone? What do you mean

No no no no no. Oh, there's still desperation.

Desperate professional player in Counte Strike. I'm not NEO. I'm not Gl1ve. None of that. Who cares who I am?

Just frustrated by not having an idea for a good text will do the nastiest thing for someone to read it

So desperation is also Be. That means you have to KNOW what to play. Or better not play?

If you're an expert. You're an expert? Or maybe an anthlete? I'll tell you in a minute, but there's still some consistency. When you notoriously start making money at the bookmaker's for sure, you make yourself a new autopilot.

New neural connections are created, strengthened every time you write something. Do you write analysis on the esport forum ? Just write new esports betting tips A new path, a new type of betting and approach to the esport, which enters your blood and becomes your autopilot!

And then, once you've made it in yourself, even in a situation of uncertainty, on the autopilot, you create brilliant texts!

Well, maybe almost brilliant. Nobody and nothing will jump up to you then.

Always ready, always ready - look great and attract the audience. As much as possible. Be like NINJA who ran away. The Ninja who sold himself. ALWAYS! Neurobiology rules!

You want to know how to take that certainty every time you sit down to play and stream? Wait a minute, one comment! It counts ALWAYS!

Because if you're already aware that every repeated action puts a new neural pathway into your mind, then think about what happens when, for example, every second time you put rubbish into yourself?

This path must be absolutely clean and flawless. Because you'll spoil your autopilot and you'll certainly start writing, but poor texts. So you need a clean source!

Real GAME.

The end of the year is coming, the time of resolutions and new plans - what will you play today?