Go go go on a 3-week vacation

2018, May 12

What, just dont say you are playing games again and can't afford it now? I just did it because someone else was playing for me at the time

But usually the problem is one

The game doesn't have the value that someone else expects from you later on. Maybe it's pretty and it's so great, but... it doesn't make money for your holidays. So seriously, I would review it in terms of its value for viewers and increase the value. Use a streamer that knows what it does! The value is when a viewer on Twitch asks: where to pay?

When a customer doesn't see the value, he fights for a price reduction! You know this?

If you have to give too much channel not enough value for the player on the other side.

Can you stream games 24/h for free in Europe

And can anything be done for free? Not . Why Because time is not free. Period.

A big fan of the Fnatic team in the League of legends wrote me something like this

By the way

Listening to the podcast with you as a guest opened a door in my head. It resulted in me approaching the other players completely different than always. I got a viewer who first said there was no budget and then ordered a session with me despite the fact that I didn't go down even by one penny. I want to thank you for that.

What was that session ? He can't betray !

Defend your value !