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2017, Jun 22

the relationship between ?

doughnuts and writing, short announcement. If you are a person who is considering buying a Word Salesmen, where you have for all my courses, I have for You have an important message.

On January 1, 2021 the price of the Verbal Sellers will increase a lot. A lot.

Copywriting and recordings not available anywhere else, and there will be even more, so since the value is rising, the price must be keep up.

If you want to have a Verbal Sellers still after the old Price, I'll give you a tip that you hurry up with this money collection. Do not let the money go to the festival of stupidity called Black Friday, You better invest them.

Let's go back to doughnuts and copywriting. Last week I broke the e-mail dispatch record. Several people checked out, others asked if I wanted to overwhelm them, and ...and others... "I don't know how you do it, but every message you send from you I'll read it always has something interesting in it. And if not I have a course, it's usually me to it you're convincing

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