What to do so that the rival does not have to admit his mistake when he committed?

2020, Aug 01

Even today, when I hear this phrase, I get pinned down for a while and

I'm moving for a few seconds.

You understand, such trauma - Covid 19, etc.. Soldiers have the trauma of killing. I have a trauma associated with selling. Well, see, you're looking for customers, you're calling, you're persuading me to meeting, finally someone agrees, you do the analysis and presentation... ...and he says, "But I already have a policy! And ass. Why don't you ask why I wasted my time and didn't ask in a phone call, does he have a policy to avoid this situation? Because they made me think that he's one of the better clients and he doesn't You are allowed to give it up. So I did not give up. But I couldn't sell the policies to such a long time! See, it's logical - "I already have the fucking policy, so why you're pushing me another one?" Until I finally understood what the camera was about. I had it under my nose and could not see. See, it's hard to sell something he has to someone, right? Because if he were to buy it from you, he would have to admit it first, that what he has is not very good - and who of us can admit to make a mistake, let him throw the first stone. I started to make a combination.